A Journal of Intellectual Micro-Genres

The journal will publish and promote micro-genres of intellectual discourse, short utterances that focus attention and provoke reflection. These may include (but are by no means limited to): theses, manifestos, aphorisms, fragments, paradoxes, ideas, penseésaperҫus, neologisms, definitions, slogans, epigraphs, parables. The journal may also consider the larger formats in which these short forms are collected, co-ordinated or aggregated.

Minima – plural from ‘minimum’, Latin for ‘the smallest amount’, ‘the lowest limit’. It is the opposite of ‘maximum’, from which ‘maxim’, a form of aphoristic statement, is derived. The term ‘minim’, the reverse formation of the singular from the plural minima, designates a proposition both short in form and modest in claims, hypothetical and possibilistic, rather than assertive and determinate.

Contributions should demonstrate fidelity to the principle of minimalism that defines the journal by ensuring that their length is demonstrably appropriate (or ‘proportionate’) to their content.


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