Monday 22nd June 2015 Centre for Humanities Innovation Durham workshop: The Emerging Humanities: Strategies for the Future

The Durham Centre for Humanities Innovation (CHI) was founded to foster intellectual creativity in scholarship and research; and to encourage the creation of new ideas, concepts, mental schemes, and other products of intellectual imagination. This workshop is a follow–up to the international conference Beyond Crisis: Visions for the New Humanities, July 7-8 2014, organised by CHI. At this workshop we will explore the IAS 2014/15 theme, ‘Emergence’, as applied to the emergence of new ideas, approaches and disciplinary trends in the humanities. Each speaker will be allowed 30 minutes for her or his presentation followed by 10 minutes for discussion.

9.00.                Arrival. Tea and coffee will be available.

9.30.                Professor David Cowling, Pro Vice Chancellor (Arts and Humanities). Introductory remarks.

9.40-11.           Session 1. Biology, Evolution and the Humanities


Chair: Nick Roberts


Dr. Jamie Tehrani, Department of Anthropology

Chains, Trees and Traditions: Experimental and Evolutionary Models for the Humanities.


Dr. Gerald Moore, MLAC (French)

Cultural Studies as Artificial Selection


11-11.20.         Coffee

11.20-12.40.   Session 2. Theology and Digitality

Chair: Gerald Moore

Joshua L. Mann, Research Fellow in Biblical Literacy & Digital Theology

From Scrolls to Scrolling: Making the Most of Shifting Modes of Scholarly Communication


Peter Phillips, FHEA, Director and Research Fellow in Digital Theology

CODEC Research Centre

NEuroCoDiTy – A North European Collaboratory for Digital Theology


Lunch 12.40 –1.40.

1.40-3.40.        Session 3. Science, Cognition and the Humanities

Chair: John O’Brien


Professor Tom McLeish, Department of Physics

The Sciences as Humanities: Refusing to Recognise the Two Cultures Paradigm

Professor Mikhail Epstein, MLAC, Director of CHI

The Role of Inventions in the Humanities


Dr. Kathryn Banks. MLAC (French)

Reading Literature with the Cognitive Sciences: Case Studies of Metarepresentation and Sensorimotor Resonance.


3.40-4.            Tea.


4-5.20.            Session 4. Digital Humanities


Chair: Mikhail Epstein


Professor Claire Warwick, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research).

Life, Death and the Present Participle; or, Digital Humanities on the S Curve.


Dr Claire Bailey-Ross, Department of English.

A ‘New’ Space for Innovation and Experimentation? Taking Digital Humanities Outside of Academia


5.30 – 6.15.     Wine reception


All are welcome. Free registration, lunch and refreshments.

To register (no charge), please email


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