International Symposium The Writer as Language Laboratory: Experiment, Reflection and Construction of Social Meaning

  • When: 9:00am – 5:45pm 14th March 2013
  • Where: The Princess Dashkova Russian Centre, The University of Edinburgh, 14 Buccleuch Place

The symposium will bring together scholars of literary and socio-cultural linguistics, Russian writers and promoters of linguistic culture.


Minima’s new publications

The journal of intellectual micro–genres Minima has published theses on fictional personalities by M. Duke and W. Reed and protologisms on mind and knowledge by M. Epstein.

Welcome to our Blog :)

Welcome to the official blog of the Centre for Humanities Innovation (CHI), Durham University, UK.


CHI aims to foster intellectual creativity in scholarship and research and to encourage the creation of new ideas, concepts, terms, paradigms, mental schemes, and other products of intellectual imagination. While recognizing the importance of scholarship in the accumulation of knowledge, the Centre’s priority is to stimulate ways in which such knowledge can become the basis for the invention and dissemination of new forms of thinking in the future-oriented Humanities.

CHI seeks to prioritise transformative and experimental approaches in the Humanities: the creation of drafts that might be elaborated and consummated by other researchers; or hypotheses that may or may not be proven or implemented. The emphasis is not on the finished product of research, but on the open process of search and experimentation.

The Centre provides a flexible and multi-form environment for the development of thinking in the Humanities in the rapidly changing intellectual climate of the twenty-first century, including Minima, an on-line journal of intellectual ‘micro-genres’, a ‘Repository of New Ideas’, ‘Tasks of the Humanities’, as well as seminars, workshops, and collective improvisations on a wide range of topics related to the state and prospects of the humanities.

Regularly we will inform you on new ideas, terms, methodological developments in the humanities as well as on forthcoming events, conferences and seminars.